Wednesday, 1 November 2017


According to the oxford dictionary a generation is defined as all the people living at about the same time,regarded collectively.

The 21st century has seen many generations,the latest of which is the millennials a.k.a generation Y.They are said to form the greatest part of the human workforce and population in most countries.And is comprised of people born within the 1981-2001 year bracket.

The biggest and one of the most characteristic event here is the dawn of the world wide web which they have encountered new and first hand.

Due to events happening during the time in which a generation runs,e each generation has traits unique to it and the millennials are not to be left out.

Today in point form lets look at about a dozen most common traits characterizing the millennials.

  1. Technology attachment comes in as a key trait among the millennials.They are likely to pull out a smartphone first thing in the morning or on tables with important people.Its almost like an addiction in the day.
  2. Compared to predecessory generations millennials appear least prejudiced and more tolerant over a broad spectrum.
  3. Millennials are characterized as big dreamers,in out thinkers wishing to have their way.Hence they might brush shoulders here and there as they seem prepared to think beyond.
  4. They are more open minded more emphatic.
  5. Millennials on the contrary will have poorer social skills,their incline to technology bending them towards being introverted. With high speed internet and the right gadgets I bet a millennial can live in an island longer.
  6. Their sense of entitlement/individuality apears stronger. Sharper inclination towards their rights.They might  be as a result a little high headed in comparison.
  7. They also have a more positive view of their economic features with most set on the big riches with least or no work if possible.
  8. Millennials are also generally more urban than agrarian in various approaches.Prefering to offer solutions according to savvy as apertains.
  9. Are as compared to the rest less interested in politics and  statesmanship and the affiliations therein.Low voter turnout has been recorded .
  10. Millennials will also come out as less patient. The technology of the day has programmed them towards getting most things at thumbnail proximity.
  11. Millennials also embrace better the advantages of good networks characteristic of most dealings in the world that they find themselves in.
Rightly so,the points as highlighted are not standard operating procedure but an overly outlook.Personal practice might differ upto and including different environments on a cross cultural and geopolitical basis .

Nevertheless their goes generation Y  the largest part of the populace and workforce in most regions around the globe.Feel free to give additional views on the same in the comments box below.(pens off)


Kekistan.The recent buzz billowing over the world wide web is just but a fictitious country.Kekistan is now  fully set up. And,with a flag as symbol of national unity,citizenry,instruments of war incase of aggression,founding fathers and even a deity(kek).

It has its rights on image board open end websites such as 4 chan and 8 chan where members use memes to express themselves .

Big man tyrone a UK based you tuber of Cameroonian decent is the brainchild behind Kekistan.Its citizenry the kekistanis are a disgraceful lot who have a war to wage against the normies every now and then.Only recently did he call for a meme jihad by the oppressed kekistanis as they would want to be described against the normies.

Meme crafting is a trade it is claimed they have been learning to perfection from there forefathers way back in the day.And this they use in a flurry incase of a situation against their main foes the normies .

Normies seem to represent those who are anti kekistani in ideology.The same are known to believe and prefer mainstream media outlets for information unlike the kekistanis who rely on the online space to sort it all out with memes and other new day armour in the cloud.

Pepe the cartoon frog is one of the most popular memes.He is said to have come up around the year 2005.However in the recent past he has been associated with disacossiation.

The same way the kekistani community is associated with white supremacy,racism,the alt rights and anti mainstream conservatism.Kekistan and kun klax klan also seems to sound similar.On a lighter note.Not forgetting the kekistan flag save for the colours and the insignia resembles Nazi flag in every other aspect.

And so that is quite basically what the viral talk,chit chat or Internet joke is all about.At least as the online community gets more and more interesting and artistic with the day.And ,it's discourses percolating into the everyday life.

Also as others will want it put. Man simply has a natural affinity for association or belief for that matter in some thing.Be it a political wave,sports formation,kekistan,religioous faith et cetera.

Thursday, 3 August 2017


Our environment  has seen pollution rise to dazzling new heights in the recent past.Largely to blame is the use of non biodegradable plastic especially as a means of packaging the various commodities within day to day commerce.

Huge garbage mounds to the tune of mini hills are a characteristic of most cities around the world today.Recyling some of  them is the done thing but this only allows the vicious cycle to continue with the plastic still in circulation.
Plastic  generally is nevertheless an important faculty of modern society and it can be out of order to merely bedevil it.

Most home appliances,utencils,electronics,and a wide array of accessories we have around have a plastic component attached to  them.Entirely facing out plastic,a cheap,reliable,insulant is not an option due to the broad areas it finds application in the world today.
The non biodegradable plastic bag however has been a matter of great concern. This is due to its volatility,seeming irrecyclability and very huge volumes produced and consumed daily.

When we talk of major contributors to environment pollution today.The plastic bag is in particular always up the stack.

To decompose takes not less than a century for these bags.And,using incineration as a disposal method releases toxic chlorofluorocarbons into the atmosphere.Mark you ,coal,natural gas and crude oil are the building blocks from which plastic is made.

Again,in the form of microlitter.Plastic swept into the seas.Here it finds way into the bellies of  sea animals which is harmful.The same are sought for food by humans and it hence goes on plaguing the ecosystem.The great Pacific garbage patch is a clear case in point.
 And as a result many places around the world including the  city of Edmonton,Hongkong,Bali, Kenya and Rwanda have come up with austerity measures to curb the use of this bags and the subsequent pollution they cause to the  environment.

In the case of Rwanda a total ban to the use of plastic bags was placed.And with authorities within the country and in its major transit points on sentry to implement this zero tolerance policy.Kigali was indeed voted cleanest city by UNESCO as a result .
Bags made of paper,casava and sisal are a good environment friendly alternative that can be adopted in the place of plastic bags.Not only are they biodegradable but are rather cheap and in most cases more convenient to carry whatsoever from the shops,supermarkets and et cetera.

Plastic bags give a helping hand but they are polluting our land.Lets shun unduly lamination of our planet.Bags made out of biodegradable material should still be the way to go.

We still can be fantastic without the plastic.Yeah,almost jurrasic.

Wednesday, 21 June 2017


A proffession  of since antiquity
Players of which might be smeared with iniquity
Ask Machiavelli,of the benefits of atrocity
Self interest,self gain,crime against humanity

But they come but pleading
Legislature,infrastructure,agriculture,all but pledging
Another year another term to keep on  trending
Buy their outlook,sell your own,and that's the game they sending

Bosses,aristocrats,seen any leaders?
Most gobblers,tricksters ,coming to seek us
Cash out,hand out,and we let them lead us
Then over and over continue to trick us

A call  for independent minds
Elders,millenials,people of all kinds
Who like'opium of the masses',left this behind
Having found this new island to abide

Cast your vote,spare thyself
And ballot issues kindly shelf
Arise and shine,toil for yourself
Girded with hope,ambition, for another day save this elf

And success will be indeed your portion
Having  now knowledge of the better option
Hurry then, this into implementation
Yes we can,a good instruction

Sunday, 18 June 2017


Of the 7.5 billion people in the world, a whooping 1.5 billion,about 20% are English  speakers. In Africa ,according to  a survey by the  World  linguistic agency. Ugandans  are the best  speakers followed by natives of Zambia, South Africa  and Kenya in that order.West Africans have this pidgin accents that cost them a place even though  they are equally  well versed and proud English  speakers. 

Globally however, English  seems to be split between American English, native British and Australian which scores somewhere in between. Of all the three there is something about American  English.Majorly ,this is as a result  of how bold,street and open  it sounds as compared to other forms. Some of it's  traits form the basis of our interaction today. 

As stated , American english comes out as open, bold and pompous in initial trajectory. as compared  to the British accent, which would sound reserved and altogether laid-back. Also ,on the  surface, while American english is a mouthful, the British accent  is more nasal in voice  projection.

You listen to both of these groups  speak and you immediately notice difference in sound and overall pronunciation of the  letters.Most noticeable are the letters t and d.

 While the Americans will put some stress on letter t to the point of it sounding like a d. The British counterparts come out low key  to the  point  of appearing to not pronounce engulfing the sound within the strong accent. Case in point  is the pronunciation of the  words part of,water, what about ,but etc. The Americans will almost  replace a d sound for the  t. 

Below in point  form are other distinguished and popular  phrases and statements common to American english. 
  • When Americans speak, notice them use exaggeration quite figuratively. Like they will  always say something like "this was the best/worst thing that ever happened  to me". 
  • Notice that the intonation  in speech and questioning  is a rising one. Making  the language  appear loud and emotional. 
  • When trying to express something or flow of events. The use of like is quite common.For example, " I seeing them coming and am like..... "
  • "Really," "like seriously " are also asked to feedback  on a surprising, comical, or not pleasant information that has been relayed. 
  • Instead  of saying  yes as a positive acknowledgement notice the conditioned use of "pretty much". 
  • The phrases OMG, LOL are used widely especially  in texting. 
  • "Oh men"!,"no way"! are equally  used to  express surprise or disgust
  • To hang up on someone  to mean to not pick up their calls. 
  • "Me and him don't  see eye to eye" - don't  relate well
  • Property is a term used usually to mean homestead,,compound et cetera,like in "get out of my property".
  • If someone or something pisses one off it means it's annoying or disgusting. 
  • They talk of in the  neighborhood,in the community to mean the surroundings. 
  • To do time/incaceration - to spend time  behind bars.
  • Sir - Referring to  a boss, respectable  man or male cop.
  • Madam pronounced "maam "- Female cop.
  • To pull over - park
  • See what one has to say or see what  is in their heads.
  • Imma/im gonna - I will
  • To begin to  get disrespectful - of a kid who acts hard headed in the  presence of an authority .
  • Notice the use of we was, they was instead of we were, there were   .
  • You don't need to know a person much to call them brother,bruh,my guy etc. 
  • I  wanna - I want to
  • "It's kinda  like "- it's almost  like 
  • Honestly..... Technically... ..,Basically..... - will begin most statements 
  • To get picked on - be looked down upon expressed usually first verbally 
Equally listen and hear the exclusive  and common  use of the  words and  phrases parole,commit a felony, a pay cheque, the commissary,DUI,emotional  rollercoaster.But you know what!,law enforcement,call security on someone, gang related,foster care etc.And the usual  "bombs" that everyone hears around but the writer chose  not mention.

Feel free to  add in the comments box any other words and phrases synonymous with this dialect.(checks out). 

Thursday, 25 May 2017


Her heart of is made gold
Her demeanour like a gem,old
Her stride a story told
Her spirit of gracious fold
Mirror,mirror on the wall,she is the fairest of them all

From her eyes sparkle hope
From her voice nuggets hop
From her smile  warmth springsforth
Give her ears,wise and worth
Mirror mirror on the wall she's the fairest of them all

She is to her children mother
To her better half not of another
She is to society not the bother
Towards her God very sober
Mirror,mirror on the wall,she is the fairest of them all

Her mouth she doesn't slander
Her very she doesn't scatter
Her faith is unto the Master
Her prayer is all that matters
Mirror,mirror on the wall ,she is the fairest of them all

Tuesday, 2 May 2017


You can be Syrian,Indian,Namimbian but christian
You can be the child ,the mother,the father but christian
You can be doctor,teacher,lawyer,sportsman,businessman,policeman, politician,but still christian
You can be young,old, wealthy,needy but christian
You can be abled,abled differently,black or white but christian
You can be learned,unschooled,geeky,nerdy,yet christian
You can be dating, taken,single,married, but christian
You can be needy, wealthy,boss,in service but christian
You can be tall,short,big,slender yet christian
You can be urban or much more country,but christian
Be christian,by being christian the world is inspired,the world is lit,evil  is split
Through it all strive ye to be first a christian

(free verse)


According to the oxford dictionary a generation is defined as all the people living at about the same time,regarded collectively. The 21...