Saturday, 1 December 2018


Going through the content of the day especially in electronic/social media.The term life is too short keeps popping.Well that could be a fact anyway,even considering our predecessors are said to have lived for hundreds and hundreds of years.With the oldest today arriving not past 120 years.

But there is likewise enough reason to believe that it's use is overrated and is beginning to have a corrosive effect on the masses.I fail to concur with the trajectory of the some of the conversations surrounding use of this term.

Okay.You'll see , life is too short to be on a diet, life is too short to eat healthy, et cetera et cetera.It's not the term by itself but the attitude surrounding it's use that is sometimes getting misguided.Calling for censorship around the whole idealogy.We need to control  breathe and aim shot once more around how we apply this maxim.

In other words what is selling is an implication that because life is "short " then any austerity,moderative measures people take for various reasons are a waste of the same short time they should be using having a good time as it were in opinion.

But yet we know the great thinkers of ages ,the Socrates,the Confucius and the Psalmist were for moderation even in moderation.Taking inventory of actions and living balanced and responsibly amidst prevalent conditions.

This idea that to enjoy life as it were should necessarily border on taking no measures,breaking all rules,submitting to none and doing as you please is a farfetched deception.No wonder extreme sports,bunjee jumping ,tight  rope on cliff walks etc are on the rise today.You tube for example is smeared with many videos of young adults doing gymnastics on top of skyscrapers and towers.Where of cause,a topple is irreversible. And so on and so forth.All in the exploitative and enjoyment of a seemingly short and unpredictable life
stupor.Last time I checked  speed that thrills was not popularised.

That life today can be tough and unpredictable is a fact per se.With a lot of expectations,set targets,work pressure,population rise vis a vis available resources and opportunities.Poorly run goverments.And of course competition in the dynamic world we  find ourselves in, bombarding the minds of most.Something previous generations did not necessarily go through ,at least in equal measure.

Rightfully so  ,the slightest opportunity to break free is being used to enjoy in all manner of fantasy to cool off the pressures, in the name of life is too short.No wonder it is divorce,suicide and lifestle diseases left ,right and center.

Our predecessors had their different kind of situations too.But with tradition and culture,and a conducive environment from the family up to the community level  well installed to strike the much needed balance.Today however ,it is more of everyone for themselves by themselves with none being their brothers keeper.Accountability to each other has long been striped out of norm this day.Its everyone with all their freedom and rights with them out to explore and do as they wish.

In the place of culture and tradition we have modern religion as a benchmark to constantly align to.But the typical man is for a free and liberal mindset ,not one freedom taken away from them.In fact "religious" is a term shamingly used to describe anyone conservative based for example on religious beliefs.

And hence life is indeed short .For many threatening mistakes and decisions are likely to surface within such an all-daring frame of mind.No wonder again suicides,  ,crime  and other vices are generally on an uptrend today in comparison with a few years ago.And hence anything that thrills,or gives room for cormfort amidst prevalent pressure is the picked up better option.

But what does scarcity of any kind call for.Does it not call for proper and carefull utilisation of what is at hand.An eat and do all that their is now,for tommorow the same might be away is quite paranoid for lack of a better word.

Referencing,the bible,it is said" redeem the time because the days are evil".The concept of not going overboard and moderating in a time of scarcity.

The conclusion of the matter calls then for  an induced change in our approach to life today. Though in most places people have all their freedoms with them.Freedom of expression and others. Where today kings  and queens are heckled. Whereas a king in medieval times would never take open opposition from especially a mere subject slightly.People have constitutionaly approved freedoms even to alter nature and behave as opposite gender as they please.To maximize the time at hand.To explore and ' possibly' know and experience it all.

And on the other hand again referencing most religions of the day.The life of a man does not vanish once they exit earth.There is always teaching about a better place ,a place of eternity whose qualification is mostly the quality of life lived on earth and the faithfulness in which apportioned obligations were carried out.According most religions today.

 Hence let's not get caught up in this frenzy.That life is too short and its high time we rushed to make merry and "explore". For there is as we have learnt another much more better life,yet the quality of life lived here is determinant.Let ensure that the values of family,chastity,respect stand the test of time.And life for us all devoid of thrill and fantasy will be fulfilling.

So any time you come across any other phrase preceded by " life is too short".Have clarity and stouttness of mind and and approach as you check what information the other part holds.Voila.

Thursday, 15 November 2018


Decorates,designs,brings delight
Hallmark of fun,festivity,when moments be light
Some printed,polka dotted
Some plain,and helium fitted
Watch if you blow lest they tear
Watch lest the young bursts, into tears

No pomp if you miss this ones
Significance bears this ones
Hanging,yet shining, sparkles of joy
Warming theirs hearts, yet but a mere toy
Watch if you blow lest they tear
Watch lest the young bursts ,into tears

To fathom has not yet been clear

Of the joy ,with it to volley in the air

All smiles, faces will glare

Joyeaux Noel , joyeaux anniversaire

Watch if you blow lest they tear

Watch lest the young bursts into tears

Shower  of confetti,la fete must be ready
Set days were hasty,time it is for merry
When duty calls,go get them in plenty
To shine your day,they will stand but steady
Watch if you blow lest they tear
Watch lest the young bursts , into tears

Wednesday, 5 September 2018


The world cup is one of the most sought after events in sports globally.Being a major unifying factor our different colours irrespective.

Winning the golden trophy and carrying it home is indeed the ultimate achievement for every nationality represented.Recognition of outstanding personalities according to their dexterity in the sport is a big part of the events award ceremony.Very notable also, is the presence of different countries including presidents from various nations congregated in support of their teams.

In the recently concluded world cup held in Russia.Croatia's president Kolinda Grabar Kitarovic  came out as interesting and outstanding among the many visiting heads of state.

She demonstrated sheer servant leadership and it kept many in awe about the leadership qualities that might come  with a woman especially employing her motherly instincts.

To travel to Russia madam Kolinda Grabar Kitarovic bought her own ticket and used economy class taking selfies and mixing freely with rank and file.She went ahead to don a Croatian jersey and support Croatia from the terraces  avoiding the luxurious VIP suite.And after the final whistle ,she joined thé team in the chambers thanking and encouraging them with her characteristic hugs.Their sweaty state notwithstanding....just one of her many gestures of humility.

When it was time for the finals,interviewed,she remarked that her team came a long way already and whether they made it to gold or not.A silver Croatia would still take home with a lot of pride.

Maybe it began way back growing up as daughter to Branka and Katarina Grabar,her parents, who owned a butcher shop and ranch in Rijeka Croatia.

During a leadership forum at Columbia state university she narrated how they once gave shelter to three asylum seekers for more than a year at their Rijeka home.Only to find them jobs for themselves and release them later.Charity begins at home.She seems to  have had a good vantage point  home for her diplomacy and political career to follow later in the years.She did play football a bit as a young girl.Her daughter is also sporty  and is Croatia's junior skate champion.

She boasts to have received full military training in her country. She was first NATO assistant secretary general nicknamed swambo,a bold decision maker .

Noticeably,despite her power and success,when asked in an interview with Isabelle Kumar of Euronews whether she was feminist. She answered in the negative to the surprise of many. She's only interested in championing for the fair representation of all ,gender irrespective.But not that women be necessarily advantaged, she said.

She sums up  as a Roman Catholic who chooses to stick to traditional values even in a quite dynamic world.

Below is a fact file about her

Name: Kolinda Grabar kitarovic
Âge    :  50 ( 29 April 1968 - 2018)
Birth place : Rijeka ,Croatia
Marital status : Married to Jacov Kitarovic
(A tech guru)
Children    :Katarina Kitarovic and Luka Kitarovic
Religion     : Roman catholic
Proffesion : Politician (Croatia président)
Éducation : Los Alamos High school
                   : University of Zagreb(Masters of Internetional relations.
                   : Diplomatic academy of              vienna
                   : George Washington University
Languages: English, Portuguese,Spanish,Croatian(fluently)
Awards : Honorary Doctorate(Russia)

KG - Kitarovic the youngest and first female president of Croatia is indeed inspiring in many ways.And we have enough lessons to learn from her leadership style and her seemingly balanced personality.Especially today ,where to rise to power is synchronized to breaking free of traditional setups like family so as to man up enough to compete.
Her all inclusive,conservative and ambitious nature denotes that with hard work and the right frame of mind the heights are for anyone to scale gender and all else irrespective.

Croatia today under her leadership is enroute European Union membership and Euro currency compliancy.Its expected she will come up with smart ideas for the refugee crisis and solve the not so good ethnic animosity and strife history that plagued her country in the years before.Her exposure as NATO assistant secretary general and Croatia's ambassador to USA for sometime are prerequisite enough.

It might be time then we  want to allow women, of competence and substance into the echelons.Angela Marchel has been doing a good job so far,Sirleaf Johnson did try her level best in Liberia especially in her first few years of leadership.

And in Rwanda and Sweden where women make up about 50 % of the members of Parliament. They  experience corruption on the down low and all-round well being on an uptrend.Not forgetting for Uncle sam,Hillary Clinton came quite close but no cigar.

You want to watch their pace ! 

Sunday, 20 May 2018


In the oncoming weeks Kakuma refugee camp,one of the biggest refugee camps in the world.Will hold a ceremony most of its inhabitants are not familiar with.The so called ' pride ' ceremony.
The Lgbt wave globally is raging across all factions of society.Meandering through the leity,the clergy,the political and business class.And as it seems ,even those previously afflicted by the pangs of war are up on the bandwagon.You might need to check that your cellphone has the rainbow lgbt flag among the flag emojis....just in case.Is it the new republic?the opium of the masses?

While you would be incarcerated in the USA  for homosexuality in the 60's.Today, you will be incarcerated for anti homosexuality actions or speech for that matter.

When and why then did the rules change? For a fact ,though there have been claims of these acts dating way back.It was scarce,a minority of minorities.Today, it is the done thing.And dare speak against and you are looked at as misplaced,country and homophobe is your third name.

There's then reason to fear for homo sapiens sapiens.In fact, if it's not in their agenda.Let the new world order conspiratists know that yet another method of possibly grounding and depopulating planet earth has been found.

For nowadays a child grows up not with mommy and daddy but with papi and daddy or yet mummy and  mama as parents.Watching a video on a same sex family,two white men and their two adopted kids ,black girls.The young girls during the interview seem to have a lot of questions lingering in their minds.The confusion and the disconnect being right on their faces.Still in awe of how the paternal faculty can be converted to a maternal.Did kids learn how to fake ?I bet no.

And even funnier.Whoever a child calls daddy is naturally the mother who carried child and came to birth upon full term. Whilst the momma per se only,has the anatomy to father a kid.In a transgender family setup.What's not happening? "Earth a run read" say the Caribbeans.
Only recently in Germany.A female footballer as they put it " discovered " she is male and rushed for hormonal intervention. Now her club and the footballing bodies are confused of how to handle her case.FIFA has no provision for this because in a perfect setting she should be accused for doping with testestrone. 

Soon ,we might begin to see football clubs where half of the team is male,while the other half is male but by fabrication.In the US millitary there are fake men serving along men and the reverse is true.Again,why this shambles?Signs of times,some will even tell you.The 'aliens' are here.An "alien" species  for lack of a better word.
But yet ,what you hear today, or what is expected you to say,especially in the "developed" world is."But its their choice " ," oh you are so good together ".Or  likewise " I didn't necessarily like the decision my kid took but what I can only do for them now is to help them ,to support them,".This is what you hear.

The question then becomes,what is the origin of this humongous freedom ?To the point that a child as young as below  ten decides he or she is opposite gender and the parents tearfully respect that decision and guide them to the nearest physician for hormone altering medication.To stop respective hormones from doing their work come puberty.Hence doing a tectonic shift on genders.Last time I checked our bodies were His temple.

But some claim oh! it is genetic .And then we have these cases of identical twins.A case in point is this twin in the USA one homosexual,the other transgender already having taken up medication for the feminine look.But yet we all know identical twins have perfectly matching genes.If it was by default, a thing right into one's DNA , there wouldn't be such an differences.This are merely lifestyle choices picked up on an individual level.A product of identity crisis,the same that leads people to drugs and substance or to join gangs and do crime. Others as a result of exposure to extreme material or people of extreme mannerisms.Bad company corrupting good morals.There's nothing genetic. Its from the outside in.Learnt.Picked up.Acquired.

In the Caribbean they slash people with machetes if they suspect homosexual activity.Gay hate crimes and murders are common in the USA too.To the point that 'Pink Pistols' an armed gay group based in Philadelpia state.Trains and brandishes weapons to stop anyone attempting to do them harm.It is  getting this serious....

But we don't necessarily do the same for drugs and substance abusers or former gang members.Nor do we in any way support their actions or statuses.Yet its likewise mostly issues of identity that have shoved them into their entanglement. We build rehabs and scramble professional and spiritual expertise for them.The same should apply to this group to help them come out of their detour and align to natural course. Harming and hating might not achieve much. 

The so called gay conversion centres have been setup in some countries.South Africa included. Where victims voluntarily check in or are sent for the necessary professional help.This is positive and has registered positive feedback.

Sometimes back it was lgbt ,today it has stretched to LGBTQIAA to include intersex,queer,questioning, asexual, ally etc.Basically to house the more.The more the merrier they say.

For the intersex,I wish they were not included in this color.Because for them,its out of their grasp not a matter of choice.And have been born not necessarily able to cormfotably identify with either gender even on an  anatomical level.Their 's is a genetic issue.And most will be reserved not flashy,recruiting,indoctrinating and priding.

I see the millennials.A generation well versed with the technology of the day .Where everything is a click away,making their lives much more easier.Something their predecessors did not have.Yet I again i see a generation likely to go down in history books as having been plagued on a global scale.By amongst other plagues,the horrific plague  that is gender crisis.That is if enough logistics and effort is not amassed and  deployed towards this very course.
Luckily ,in some parts of the world say Africa for example.Where other than the 'free' and  'liberal' minds of the so called first world.There is enough tradition and modern religion to fine tune the hearts and minds of men far from straying.These issues are seemingly in check and regulated.Work has to be put in anyway to retain sanity lest the bubble burst.

In some schools today,young pupils are learning more genders and pronouns other than his or her in the same accommodative spirit.Is it zer or something. And for entertainment, there's cartoon with enough transgender and homosuggestive characters for your young one.

' Jacob's new dress' and other similar story books bent on making  look okay the idea of disoriented sexualities have been popularized as part of school literature for all and sundry in some countries.All in an attempt to steal, recruit and indoctrinate innocent kids way into their infancy.To sow a seed expecting to reap in due time.So be on the lookout for what children watch and read lest they bite the bait unawares.

The penal code also needs to come up with stiff penalties to mete out the malicious minds behind these tactics .Where unhealthy ideas are installed in the subconscious minds of kids without their consent.A criminal trajectory.

It's hence time for the "come out". Out of unnatural lifestyles that are statistically clinically unhygienic and highly susceptible to sexually transmitted infections and diseases.Its time for the ' come out ',from locker room syndrome in pursuit of professional assistance for those already sinking in this quicksand.It is time for us all  to come out as a counter measure against all kinds of devices bent on recruiting and indoctrinating adults and especially young innocent kids into this agenda.Create awareness,educate,rehabilitate.Global issue.
(pens off)

Wednesday, 1 November 2017


According to the oxford dictionary a generation is defined as all the people living at about the same time,regarded collectively.

The 21st century has seen many generations,the latest of which is the millennials a.k.a generation Y.They are said to form the greatest part of the human workforce and population in most countries in the world today.And comprise people born within the 1981-2001 year bracket.

The biggest and one of the most characteristic event of their time is the advent of the world wide web which they have encountered brand new and first hand.

Due to events happening during the time in which a generation runs,each generation has traits unique to it and the millennials are not to be left out.

Today in point form, lets look at about a dozen most common traits characterizing the millennials.

  1. Technology attachment through especially hand held devices comes in as a key trait among the millennials.They are likely to pull out a smartphone first thing in the morning and end the day logging out from the same only to pspectrum m right next to them and continue the cycle next day.The attachment is almost like an addiction in the day.
  2. Compared to predecessory generations millennials appear least prejudiced and more tolerant over a broad spectrum of issues.Divisive culture, geopolitical ideology etc don't seem to quite resonate with them.They are more open and flexible in approach.
  3. Millennials are characterized as generally more ambitious in out thinkers with an affinity for providing the right solutions for issues in their day
  4. They are for a free mindset hence the possibility of detering authority,breaking from old preset rules et cetera.
  5. On the contrary millenials might come with poorer social skills.Their incline to technology bends them towards being quite introverted. With high speed internet and the right gadgets I bet a millennial can stay in an island cormfortably much longer.
  6. Their sense of entitlement/individuality apears stronger. Sharper inclination towards their rights.They might  be as a result a little high headed in comparison.
  7. They also have a more positive view of their economic features with most set on the fine things of life.
  8. Millennials are generally more urban than agrarian in various approaches.Prefering to offer new,simplified,quick solutions appertaining to respective savvy .
  9. They are as compared to the predecessor generations less interested in politics and statesmanship and the affiliations therein.Low voter turnout has been recorded.
  10. Millennials come out as less patient.The technology of the day has programmed them towards getting most things at thumbnail proximity.
  11. Millennials also embrace better the advantages of good networks characteristic of most dealings in the world that they find themselves in.
  12. Rightly so,the points as highlighted are not standard operating procedure but an overly outlook.Personal practice might differ upto and including different environments on a cross cultural and geopolitical basis .

Nevertheless their goes generation Y  the largest part of the populace and workforce in most regions around the globe.Feel free to give additional views on the same in the comments box below.(pens off)


Kekistan.The recent buzz billowing over the world wide web,is just but a fictitious country.Kekistan is now  fully set up. And,with a flag as symbol of national unity,a very loyal citizenry,instruments of war incase of aggression,founding fathers and even a deity(kek).

It has its rights on image board open end websites such as 4 chan and 8 chan where members use memes and other such items to express themselves .

Big man Tyrone,a UK based you tuber of Cameroonian decent is the brainchild behind Kekistan.It's citizenry the Kekistanis, are a disgraceful lot who have a war to wage against the Normies(normals/mainstreams) every now and then.Only recently did Tyrone call for a meme jihad by the oppressed Kekistanis as they would want to be described against the Normies.

Meme crafting is a trade it is claimed they have  learnt to perfection from their forefathers way back in the day.And this they use in a flurry incase of a situation against their main foes the Normies .

Normies seem to represent those who are anti Kekistani in ideology.The same are known to believe and prefer mainstream media outlets like the normal TV bulletin for information unlike  Kekistanis who rely on the online space to get the latest news or buzz and sort it all out with memes and other new day armour in the cloud.

Pepe the cartoon frog is  the most popular meme.He is said to have come up around the year 2005.In the recent past however, he has been associated with separationism.

The same way the Kekistani community is hugely associated with white supremacy,racism and the alt rights .Kekistan and Kun Klax Klan would also  sound similar, on a lighter note though.Additionally,the Kekistan flag save for th
e colours and the insignia resembles the infamous Nazi flag in every other aspect.

And that is basically what the viral talk,chit chat or Internet joke is all about .And it loudly bespeaks how radio and tv as was conventional are being pushed out of the top spot as most reliable media.At least as the online community gets more and more interesting  with the day.And the discourses therein percolating even into everyday life.

Also as others will want it put. Man simply has a natural affinity for association or belief for that matter in some thing.Be it a political wave,sports formation,some Kekistan,religious faith et cetera.

Online sources or mainstream media?white supremacy or equal rights for non indigenous whites and the rest?All yours for the asking.

Thursday, 3 August 2017


Our environment  has seen pollution rise to dazzling new heights in the recent past.Largely to blame is the use of non biodegradable plastic bags as a means of packaging the various commodities within day to day commerce.

Huge garbage mounds to the tune of mini hills are a characteristic of most cities around the world today.Recyling some of  them is the done thing but this only allows the vicious cycle to continue.With the plsupermarketsin circulation.
Plastic  generally is  an important faculty of modern society and it can be out of order to solely bedevil it.

Most home appliances,utencils,electronics,and a wide array of accessories we have around have a plastic component attached to  them.Entirely facing out plastic,a cheap,reliable,insulant is not an option due to the broad areas it finds application in the world today.
The non biodegradable plastic bag however has been a matter of great concern. This is due to its volatility,seeming irrecyclability and very huge volumes produced and consumed daily.

 When we talk of major contributors to environment pollution today.The plastic bag  in particular is always up the stack.

To decompose takes not less than a century for these bags.And,using incineration as a disposal method releases toxic chlorofluorocarbons into the atmosphere.Mark you ,coal,natural gas and crude oil are the building blocks from which plastic is made.

In the form of microlitter plastic swept into the seas finds way into the bellies of  sea animals.The same are sought for food by humans and it  goes on further plaguing the ecosystem.The Great Pacific garbage patch is a clear case in point.

 As a result ,many places around the world including the  city of Edmonton,Hongkong,Bali, Kenya and Rwanda have come up with austerity measures to curb the use of this bags and the subsequent pollution they cause to the  environment.

In the case of Rwanda,a total ban to the use of plastic bags has been put in place.And with authorities within the country and in it's major transit points on sentry to implement this zero tolerance policy.Kigali was indeed voted cleanest city shortly by UNESCO as a result.

Bags made of paper,casava and sisal are a good environment friendly alternative that can be adopted in the place of plastic bags.Not only are they biodegradable but are rather cheap and in most cases more convenient to carry whatsoever from the shops,groceries and supermarkets.

Plastic bags give a helping hand but they are polluting our land.Lets shun unduly lamination of our planet with plastic.Bags made out of biodegradable material should still be the way to go.

We still can be fantastic without the plastic.

Yeah even jurrasic.

Saturday, 8 July 2017


The coining of a name is a vital part of the process  in bringing about the desired marketing effect upon the target audience,in any establishment.Noticeably so,the tourism docket also has very mind boggling names for some of its popular destinations.

A case in point is Hells gate park.The name leaves one thinking of the heights of mysteries this place comprises.The theory behind it anyway is its deep natural gorges whose destination is seemingly infinite.
Paradise lost resort is another destination tucked in central Kenya east of Africa.Whether it is indeed a paradise of sorts needs paying a visit to demystify.
Rolling fields, of some of the worlds choicest coffee plantations is what ushers you into the park.The twittering of birds, serenity and sweet smell of flora is immediately characteristic of this microenvironment upon arrival.

One of the major attractions within the park only a few yards from the entrance are the Mau Mau caves at the entrance of which are falling Waters from river Gichi.

History has it that Mau Mau warriors used them as cover in their pre colonial resistance against the imperial government of the day. Today,they are well lit and going in to explore is indeed worthwhile.Word going round has it that artefacts of stone age era have been discovered therein to mean early man might have had footage in this caves.

And,stretching over 20km the Mau Mau caves are  probably the only labyrinth of caves this long and with a waterfall enjoined,right at the entrance.Indeed a masterpiece.
Additionally if you are a wannabe jockey. Or,simply has love for riding  animals,paradise lost is the place to be.Here you can enjoy quality time on the saddle of a horse or camel and with friendly attendants to help you in the process.
The lush green lawns also offer the best place for relaxation,picknicking,camping or team building activities of your choice.

To crown it all ,you can choose to go by Paradise dam. Quite a huge natural mass of water.Here boats are available for hire,where you can choose to paddle your own connue or join friends and row downstream in the same boat as you enjoy water sporting,birdwatching and the surrounding nature.

Such a cocktail of nature's best souvenirs must have been the reason behind the eye catching name of this magnificent destination .

Actually paradise lost, but found ,and , up for your discovery.But for the Christians paradise is to be gained and found not lost. 

Wednesday, 21 June 2017


A proffession of since antiquity
Players of which,might be smeared with iniquity
Ask Machiavelli,of the benefits of atrocity
Self interest,self gain,crime against humanity

But they come but pleading
Legislature,infrastructure,agriculture,all but pledging
Another year, another term , to keep on  trending
Buy their outlook,sell your own,and that's the game they sending

Tyrants,aristocrats,seen any leaders?
Most tricksters ,coming to seek us
Cash outs,hand outs,and we let them lead us
Then over and over continue to trick us

A call then for independent minds
Elders,millenials,people of all kinds
Who by higher inspiration,shoved this behind
Having found  a brand new island to abide

Cast your vote,but spare thyself
Ballot issues,will you kindly shelf
Arise and shine,toil for yourself
Girded with hope,resilience,ambition,for another day save this elf

And success will be indeed your portion
Having  now knowledge of what's the better option
Hurry then, this into implementation
Yes we can,a good instruction

Sunday, 18 June 2017


Of the 7.5 billion people in the world, a whooping 1.5 billion,about 20% are English  speakers. In Africa ,according to  a survey by the  World  linguistic agency. Ugandans  are the best  speakers followed by natives of Zambia, South Africa  and Kenya in that order.West Africans have this pidgin accents that cost them a place even though  they are equally  well versed and proud english  speakers. 

Globally however, english  seems to be split between American english, native British and Australian english which scores somewhere in between. Of all the three there is something about American english that stands out.Majorly ,this is as a result  of how bold,street and open  it sounds as compared to other forms. Some of it's  traits form the basis of our interaction today. 

As stated , American english comes out as open, bold and pompous in initial trajectory. as compared  to the British accent, which would sound reserved and altogether laid-back. Also ,while American english is a mouthful, the British accent  is more nasal in voice  projection.

You listen to both of these groups  speak and you immediately notice difference in sound and overall pronunciation of the  letters.Most noticeable are the letters t and d.

 While the Americans will put some stress on letter t to the point of it sounding like a d. The British counterparts come out low key  to the  point  of appearing to not pronounce engulfing the sound within the strong accent. Case in point  is the pronunciation of the  words part of,water, what about ,but etc. The Americans will almost  replace a d sound for the  t. 

Below in point  form are other distinguished and popular  phrases and statements common to American english. 
  • When Americans speak, notice them use exaggeration quite figuratively. Like they will  always say something like "this was the best/worst thing that ever happened  to me" !!
  • Notice that the intonation  in speech and questioning  is a rising one. Making  the language  appear loud and emotional. 
  • When trying to express something or flow of events. The use of like is quite common.For example, " I seeing them coming and am like..... "
  • "Really," "like seriously " are also asked to feedback  on a surprising, comical, or not so pleasant information that has been relayed. 
  • Instead  of saying  yes as a positive acknowledgement notice the conditioned use of "pretty much". 
  • The phrases OMG, LOL are used widely especially  in texting. 
  • "Oh men"!,"no way"! are equally  used to  express surprise or disgust
  • To hang up on someone  to mean to not pick up their calls. 
  • "Me and him don't  see eye to eye" - don't  relate well
  • Property is a term used usually to mean homestead,,compound et cetera,like in "get out of my property".
  • If someone or something pisses one off it means it's annoying or irritating.
  • They talk of in the  neighborhood,in the community to mean the surroundings. 
  • To do time/incaceration - to spend time  behind bars.
  • Sir - Referring to  a boss, respectable  man or male cop.
  • Madam pronounced "maam "- Female cop.
  • To pull over - park
  • See what one has to say or see what  is in their heads.
  • Imma/im gonna - I will
  • To begin to  get disrespectful - of a kid who acts hard headed in the  presence of an authority .
  • Notice the use of we was, they was instead of we were, there were   .
  • You don't need to know a person much to call them brother,bruh,my guy etc. 
  • I  wanna - I want to
  • "It's kinda  like "- it's almost  like 
  • Honestly..... Technically... ..,Basically..... - will begin most statements 
  • To get picked on - be looked down upon expressed usually first verbally 
Equally listen and hear the exclusive  and common  use of the  words and  phrases parole,commit a felony, a pay cheque, the commissary,DUI,emotional  rollercoaster.But you know what!,law enforcement,call security on someone, gang related,foster care et cetera.And the usual  "bombs" that everyone hears around but the writer chose  not mention.

Feel free to  add in the comments box any other words and phrases synonymous with this dialect.(checks out). 

Thursday, 25 May 2017


Her heart of is made gold
Her demeanour like a gem,old
Her stride a story told
Her spirit of gracious fold
Mirror,mirror on the wall,she is the fairest of them all

From her eyes sparkle hope
From her voice nuggets hop
From her smile  warmth springsforth
Give her ears,wise and worth
Mirror mirror on the wall she's the fairest of them all

She is to her children mother
To her better half not of another
She is to society not the bother
Towards her God very sober
Mirror,mirror on the wall,she is the fairest of them all

Her mouth she doesn't slander
Her very she doesn't scatter
Her faith is unto the Master
Her prayer is all that matters
Mirror,mirror on the wall ,she is the fairest of them all