Sunday, 20 May 2018


In the oncoming weeks Kakuma refugee camp,one of the biggest refugee camps in the world.Will hold a ceremony most of its inhabitants are not familiar with.The so called ' pride ' ceremony.
The Lgbt wave is raging across all factions of society globally.Meandering through the leity,the clergy,the political and business class.And as it seems ,even those previously afflicted by  pangs of war are up on the bandwagon.You might need to check that your cellphone has the rainbow lgbt flag among the flag emojis....just in case.Is it the new religion?opium of the masses?
While you would be incarcerated  for homosexuality in the 60's.Today, you will be incarcerated for anti homosexuality actions or speech for that matter.

When and why then did the tables turn? For a fact ,though there have been claims of these acts dating way back.It was scarce,a minority of minorities.Today, it is the done thing.And dare speak against and you are looked at as misplaced,country, and homophobe is your third name.

There's then reason to fear for homo sapiens sapiens.In fact, if it's not in their agenda.Let the New World Order conspiratists know that yet another method of possibly grounding and depopulating planet earth has been found.

For nowadays a child grows up not with mommy and daddy. But with papi and daddy ,or yet mummy and mama as parents.Watching a video on a same sex family,two white men and their two adopted kids ,black girls.The young girls during the interview seemed to have a lot of questions lingering in their minds.The confusion and the disconnect being right on their faces.Their young mind still in awe of how the paternal faculty can be converted to a maternal.Did kids learn how to fake ?I bet no.

And even funnier.Whoever a child calls ' daddy' today could be the actual mother who carried child and came to birth upon full term. Whilst the momma per se posesses the anatomy to father a kid ,in a transgender family setup.What's not happening?  'Earth a run red' say they in the Caribbeans.
Only recently in Germany.A female footballer as they put it " discovered " she is male and rushed for hormonal intervention. Now her club and the footballing bodies are confused of how to handle her case and where exactly to place her.FIFA has no provision of this kind because in a perfect setting she should be accused for doping with testestrone and possibly grounded for competitive participation in the women league.But her intention is far from doping,she wanna actually man up !!

Who knows soon we might begin to see national football clubs,worst case scenario. Where half of the team is male,while the other half is male but  fabrication.In the US millitary for example,it's a known thing there are fake men serving alongside real men,the kind that would never share a bathroom.And the reverse is true.Again,why this shambles?Signs of times,some will tell you.The 'aliens' are here.An "alien" species  for lack of a better word.
But yet ,what you hear today, or what is expected you to say,especially in the "developed" world is."But its their choice " ," oh you are so good together ".Or  likewise " I didn't necessarily like the decision my kid took but what I can only do for them now is to help them ,to support them,".This is what you hear listening around.

The question then becomes,what is the origin of this humongous freedom ?To the point that a child as young as below  ten decides he or she is opposite gender and the parents tearfully respect that decision and guide them to the nearest physician for hormone altering medication.To stop respective hormones from doing their work come puberty.Hence doing a tectonic shift on genders.Last time I checked our bodies were His temple.

But some claim oh! it is genetic .And then we have these cases of identical twins.A case in point is this twin one homosexual,the other transgender already having taken up medication for the feminine look.But yet we all know identical twins have perfectly matching genes.If it was by default, a thing right into one's DNA , there wouldn't be such a difference in a twin pair.These are merely lifestyle choices picked up on an individual level.A product of identity crisis,the same that leads people to drugs and substance or to join gangs and do crime. Others as a result of exposure to extreme material or people of extreme mannerisms.Bad company corrupting good morals.There's nothing genetic. Its from the outside in.Learnt.Picked up.Acquired.

In the Caribbean again, they slash people with machetes if they suspect homosexual activity.Gay hate crimes and murders are common .To the point that 'Pink Pistols' an armed gay group based in Philadelpia Uncle Sam state.Trains and brandishes weapons to stop anyone attempting to do them harm.It is  getting this serious....

But we don't necessarily do the same for drugs and substance abusers or former gang members.Nor do we in any way support their actions or statuses.Yet its likewise mostly issues of identity that have shoved them into their entanglement. We build rehabs and scramble professional and spiritual expertise for them.The same should apply to this group to help them come out of their detour and align to natural course. Harming and hating and shaming doesn't seem to be achieving much. 

Gay conversion centres have been setup in some countries.South Africa included. Where victims voluntarily check in or are sent for the necessary professional help.This is commendable and has registered positive feedback.

Sometimes back it was lgbt ,today it has stretched to LGBTQIAA to include intersex,queer,questioning, asexual, ally etc.Basically to house the more.'The more the merrier 'they say.....

For the intersex,I wish they were not included in this.Because for them,its out of their grasp not a matter of choice.And have been born not necessarily able to cormfotably identify with either gender even on an  anatomical level.Their 's is a genetic issue.And most will be reserved not flashy,recruiting,indoctrinating and priding.

I see the millennials.A generation well versed with the technology of the day .Where everything is a click away,making their lives much more easier.Something their predecessors did not have.Yet I again i see a generation likely to go down in history books as having been plagued on a global scale.By amongst other plagues,the horrific plague  that is gender crisis.That is if enough logistics and effort is not amassed and  deployed towards this very course.
Luckily ,in some parts of the world say Africa for example.Where other than the 'free' and  'liberal' minds of the so called first world.There is enough tradition and modern religion to fine tune the hearts and minds of men far from straying.These issues are seemingly in check and regulated.Work has to be put in anyway to retain sanity lest the bubble burst.

In some schools today,young pupils are learning more genders and pronouns other than his or her in the same accommodative spirit.Is it zer or something. And for entertainment, there's cartoon and video games with enough transgender and homosuggestive characters for your young one.

' Jacob's new dress' and other similar story books bent on making  look okay the idea of disoriented sexualities have been popularized as part of school literature for all and sundry in some countries.All in an attempt to steal, recruit and indoctrinate innocent kids way into their infancy.To sow a seed expecting to reap in due time.So be on the lookout for what children watch and read lest they bite the bait unawares.

The Penal Code  needs to come up with stiff penalties to mete out the malicious minds behind these tactics .Where unhealthy ideas are installed in the subconscious minds of kids without their consent.A criminal trajectory.

It's hence time for the "come out". Out of unnatural lifestyles that are statistically clinically unhygienic and highly susceptible to sexually transmitted infections and diseases.Its time for the ' come out ',from locker room syndrome in pursuit of professional assistance for those already sinking in this quicksand.It is time for us all  to come out as a counter measure against all kinds of devices bent on recruiting and indoctrinating adults and especially young innocent kids into this agenda.

Create awareness,educate,rehabilitate.
(pens off)