Thursday, 15 November 2018


Decorates,designs,brings delight
Hallmark of fun,festivity,when moments be light
Some printed,polka dotted
Some plain,and helium fitted
Watch if you blow, lest they tear
Watch, lest the young bursts to tears

No pomp,if you miss this ones
Significance bear these ones
Hanging,yet shining, sparkles of joy
And warming theirs hearts, yet, but a mere toy
Watch if you blow lest they tear
Watch lest the young bursts ,into tears

To fathom has not yet been clear
Of the joy ,with it to volley in the air
All smiles, faces will glare
Joyeaux noel,joyeaux anniversaire
Watch if you blow lest they tear
Watch lest the young bursts into tears

Showers  of confetti,la fete must be ready
Set days were hasty,time it is for merry
When duty calls,get them in plenty
To shine the day,they will stand but steady
Watch if you blow lest they tear
Watch,lest the young, bursts to tears

Sunday, 20 May 2018


In the oncoming weeks Kakuma refugee camp,one of the biggest refugee camps in the world.Will hold a ceremony most of its inhabitants are not familiar with.The so called ' pride ' ceremony.
The Lgbt wave is raging across all factions of society globally.Meandering through the leity,the clergy,the political and business class.And as it seems ,even those previously afflicted by  pangs of war are up on the bandwagon.You might need to check that your cellphone has the rainbow lgbt flag among the flag emojis....just in case.Is it the new religion?opium of the masses?
While you would be incarcerated  for homosexuality in the 60's.Today, you will be incarcerated for anti homosexuality actions or speech for that matter.

When and why then did the tables turn? For a fact ,though there have been claims of these acts dating way back.It was scarce,a minority of minorities.Today, it is the done thing.And dare speak against and you are looked at as misplaced,country, and homophobe is your third name.

There's then reason to fear for homo sapiens sapiens.In fact, if it's not in their agenda.Let the New World Order conspiratists know that yet another method of possibly grounding and depopulating planet earth has been found.

For nowadays a child grows up not with mommy and daddy. But with papi and daddy ,or yet mummy and mama as parents.Watching a video on a same sex family,two white men and their two adopted kids ,black girls.The young girls during the interview seemed to have a lot of questions lingering in their minds.The confusion and the disconnect being right on their faces.Their young mind still in awe of how the paternal faculty can be converted to a maternal.Did kids learn how to fake ?I bet no.

And even funnier.Whoever a child calls ' daddy' today could be the actual mother who carried child and came to birth upon full term. Whilst the momma per se posesses the anatomy to father a kid ,in a transgender family setup.What's not happening?  'Earth a run red' say they in the Caribbeans.
Only recently in Germany.A female footballer as they put it " discovered " she is male and rushed for hormonal intervention. Now her club and the footballing bodies are confused of how to handle her case and where exactly to place her.FIFA has no provision of this kind because in a perfect setting she would be accused of doping with testestrone and possibly grounded from competitive participation in the women league.But her intention is far from doping.She wanna literally  man up !!

Who knows soon we might begin to see national football clubs,worst case scenario. Where half of the team is male,while the other half is male but by fabrication.In the US millitary for example,it's a known thing there are fake men serving alongside real men,the kind that would never share a bathroom.And the reverse is true.Again,why this shambles?Signs of times,some will tell you.The 'aliens' are here.An "alien" species  for lack of a better word.
But yet ,what you hear today, or what is expected you to say,especially in the "developed" world is."But its their choice " ," oh you are so good together ".Or  likewise, " I didn't necessarily like the decision my kid took but what I can only do for them now is to help them ,to support them,"."All I want is for them to be happy". This is what you hear listening around.

The question then becomes,what is the origin of this humongous freedom ?To the point that a child as young as below  ten decides he or she is opposite gender and the parents tearfully respect that decision and guide them to the nearest physician for hormone altering medication.To stop respective hormones from doing their work come puberty.Hence doing a tectonic shift on genders.Last time I checked our bodies were His temple.

But some claim oh! it is genetic .And then we have these cases of identical twins.A case in point is this twin one homosexual,the other transgender already having taken up medication for the feminine look.But yet we all know identical twins have perfectly matching genes.If it was by default, a thing right into one's DNA , there wouldn't be such a difference in a twin pair.These are merely lifestyle choices picked up on an individual level.A product of identity crisis,the same that leads people to drugs and substance or to join gangs and do crime. Others as a result of exposure to extreme material or people of extreme mannerisms.Bad company corrupting good morals.There's nothing genetic. Its from the outside in.Learnt.Picked up.Acquired.

In the Caribbean again, they slash people with machetes if they suspect homosexual activity.Gay hate crimes and murders are common .To the point that 'Pink Pistols' an armed gay group based in Philadelpia state.Trains and brandishes weapons to stop anyone attempting to do them harm.It is  getting this serious....

But we don't necessarily do the same for drugs and substance abusers or former gang members.Nor do we in any way support their actions or statuses.Yet its likewise mostly issues of identity that have shoved them into their entanglement. We build rehabs and scramble professional and spiritual expertise for them.The same should apply to this group to help them come out of their detour and align to natural course. Harming and hating and shaming doesn't seem to be achieving much. 

Gay conversion centres have been setup in some countries.South Africa included. Where victims voluntarily check in or are sent for the necessary professional help.This is commendable and has registered positive feedback.

Sometimes back it was lgbt ,today it has stretched to LGBTQIAA to include intersex,queer,questioning, asexual, ally etc.Basically to house the more.'The more the merrier 'they say.....

For the intersex,I wish they were not included in this.Because for them,its out of their grasp not a matter of choice.And have been born not necessarily able to cormfotably identify with either gender even on an  anatomical level.Their 's is a genetic issue.And most will be reserved not flashy,recruiting,indoctrinating and priding.

I see the millennials.A generation well versed with the technology of the day .Where everything is a click away,making their lives much more easier.Something their predecessors did not have.Yet I again i see a generation likely to go down in history books as having been plagued on a global scale.By amongst other plagues,the horrific plague  that is gender crisis.That is if enough logistics and effort is not amassed and  deployed towards this very course.
Luckily ,in some parts of the world say Africa for example.Where other than the 'free' and  'liberal' minds of the so called first world.There is enough tradition and modern religion to fine tune the hearts and minds of men far from straying.These issues are seemingly in check and regulated.Work has to be put in anyway to retain sanity lest the bubble burst.

In some schools today,young pupils are learning more genders and pronouns other than his or her in the same accommodative spirit.Is it zer or something. And for entertainment, there's cartoon and video games with enough transgender and homosuggestive characters for your young one.

' Jacob's new dress' and other similar story books bent on making  look okay the idea of disoriented sexualities have been popularized as part of school literature for all and sundry in some countries.All in an attempt to steal, recruit and indoctrinate innocent kids way into their infancy.To sow a seed expecting to reap in due time.So be on the lookout for what children watch and read lest they bite the bait unawares.

The Penal Code  needs to come up with stiff penalties to mete out the malicious minds behind these tactics .Where unhealthy ideas are installed in the subconscious minds of kids without their consent.A criminal trajectory.

It's hence time for the "come out". Out of unnatural lifestyles that are statistically clinically unhygienic and highly susceptible to sexually transmitted infections and diseases.Its time for the ' come out ',from locker room syndrome in pursuit of professional assistance for those already sinking in this quicksand.It is time for us all  to come out as a counter measure against all kinds of devices bent on recruiting and indoctrinating adults and especially young innocent kids into this agenda.

Create awareness,educate,rehabilitate.
(pens off)

Saturday, 8 July 2017


The coining of a name is a vital part of the process  in bringing about the desired marketing effect upon the target audience,in any establishment.Noticeably so,the tourism docket also has very mind boggling names for some of its popular destinations.

A case in point is Hells gate park.The name leaves one thinking of the heights of mysteries this place comprises.The theory behind it anyway is its deep natural gorges whose destination is seemingly infinite.
Paradise lost resort is another destination tucked in central Kenya east of Africa.Whether it is indeed a paradise of sorts needs paying a visit to demystify.
Rolling fields, of some of the worlds choicest coffee plantations is what ushers you into the park.The twittering of birds, serenity and sweet smell of flora is immediately characteristic of this microenvironment upon arrival.

One of the major attractions within the park only a few yards from the entrance are the Mau Mau caves at the entrance of which are falling Waters from river Gichi.

History has it that Mau Mau warriors used them as cover in their pre colonial resistance against the imperial government of the day. Today,they are well lit and going in to explore is indeed worthwhile.Word going round has it that artefacts of stone age era have been discovered therein to mean early man might have had footage in this caves.

And,stretching over 20km the Mau Mau caves are  probably the only labyrinth of caves this long and with a waterfall enjoined,right at the entrance.Indeed a masterpiece.
Additionally if you are a wannabe jockey. Or,simply has love for riding  animals,paradise lost is the place to be.Here you can enjoy quality time on the saddle of a horse or camel and with friendly attendants to help you in the process.
The lush green lawns also offer the best place for relaxation,picknicking,camping or team building activities of your choice.

To crown it all ,you can choose to go by Paradise dam. Quite a huge natural mass of water.Here boats are available for hire,where you can choose to paddle your own connue or join friends and row downstream in the same boat as you enjoy water sporting,birdwatching and the surrounding nature.

Such a cocktail of nature's best souvenirs must have been the reason behind the eye catching name of this magnificent destination .

Actually paradise lost, but found ,and , up for your discovery.But for the Christians paradise is to be gained and found not lost. 

Wednesday, 21 June 2017


A proffession of since antiquity
Players of which,might be smeared with iniquity
Ask Machiavelli,of the benefits of atrocity
Self interest,self gain,crime against humanity

But they come but pleading
Legislature,infrastructure,agriculture,all but pledging
Another year, another term , to keep but trending
Buy their outlook,sell your own,that's the game they're  sending

Most tyrants,most aristocrats,few be true leaders
Most tricksters, gobblers,coming to seek us
Cash outs,hand outs,and we let them lead us
Then over and over continue to trick us

A call then,for independent minds
Elders,millenials,people of all kinds
Who by higher inspiration,shoved this behind
Having found  a brand new island to abide

Cast your vote,fellow countryman,but spare thyself
Ballot issues,will you kindly shelf
Arise and shine,toil for yourself
Girded with hope,resilience,ambition,for another day save this elf

And success will be indeed your portion
Having  now knowledge of what's the better option
Hurry then, this into implementation
Yes we can,a good instruction

Thursday, 16 June 2016


For sometime now and the notion still embedded in many people's mind is that Africa is the 'dark'continent.Dark in terms of lack of visibility to where she is moving to  and also as a result of lack of the glory that comes with first world civilizations.
Genuinely speaking, Africa is well blessed.Talk of her rich fauna and flora. Her seasonless timeline,rich culture and valuable gems to mention but a few.Skeptics nevertheless continue to look down upon her on the basis of her very minimal contribution in pushing the  globe to where it is now in terms of technology and civilization.

Save for earlier day Egypt where a number of fascinating inventions and structures were erected.It is said Africa has not contributed much ,especially intellectually.

Most inventions,talk of medicine,architecture and now communications have zoomed in proportion with nothing substantial being associated with Africa. In a nutshell, the West has pace set everything for her especially on matters technology. Last time we heard of an electronic gadget,a transport vessel or even improvement to an existing gadget subscribed to Africa, and  that can compete undisputably on the global platform must have been aeons ago.

Then is it that this part of the world is actually intellectually dwarf.Without the capability to smear the world with innovations for problems solution? Where do the products of the famous Makerere,Daresalaam or Monash and Lagos universities go to after their stay in this institutions of excellence?Should we introduce the issue brain drain right here ?

In communications especially. We've seen the sprout of satellite, radar,computer and of late mobile phones technology.Sorry to say not even the selfie stick is coming from Africa.Luckily though, Ubuntu the great software is associated with S.A. How we need to see more of this.
On the contrary Africa showcases very well to the point of monopoly on matters sports.Talk of the track events for example. It is a known thing that the short races is an event of people of African origin or blacks really for lack of a better word.They dominate and are majority right from the heats to the award ceremony.And,in the long races the Kenyans,Ethiopians and the likes of Morroco hold their very ground.The greatest boxers that have come along again to compete to the highest levels will dominantly be of African origin for that matter.The countries they represent irrespective.The Sugar Ray's,The Ali's and today the Mayweather's and Antony Joshua's not forgetting the Cuba domadores.And this has been the trend ever since.Transversing generations.Ever asked yourself why?

This then begins to look like a win win situation. That Africa most 'third world ', might continue to rely on the west for reference on how good governments should be run,how prevalent disasters should be managed et cetera et cetera. The 'first world 'generaly plays trendsetter and torch bearer for the planet.

To vacation, after the busy schedules and long hours in research she still needs and is welcome to enjoy the big five,long coastal beaches and great culture hard to come by elsewhere.This is as Africa continues to refer,reflect,recollect and restructure going forward.She has strength and physical prowese right in her gene code.And now she ought to add smart. And so on and so forth.Thus we need and complement each other.

One alone will not tango.

Tuesday, 14 June 2016


Many there are that have done exploits and earned the term celebrity. According to both the Oxford and the Macmillan dictionaries.A celebrity is defined as a famous person especially in the field of entertainment or sports.

A celebrity can also be termed as a person who has done something outstanding and remarkable to deserve the love,cherish,adoration and admiration of the masses.

From a Christian perspective.We see the person of Jesus Christ as a great celebrity by every possible standard.What Jesus Christ did and went through in his human nature in a bid to fullfill his mission for entire mankind well deserves being paid obeissance, worship,ovation and honour .

In the movie Passion of Christ, Jim Caviezel who later became a minister of the word.And the lead actor who played Jesus explains going through so much humiliation and anguish mimicking the eventualities in Jesus's life.

Not forgetting he was a very seasoned actor by the time he to took up the role.He talks about the cross at times being swayed by wind and being so very heavy on him.At times he would get to the point of hypothermia due to intense cold in the light clothings of a convict.

 Remaining up on the cross as others cast members did easier groundwork was no mean feat either he said.He resorted to being prayerful and asking God for strength during these "trying moments".His body full of fatigue. And,it is recorded,not once during filming he was struck by lightning flashes very visible by everyone in the cast.A non christian playing the role of guard in the film even requested to convert to Christianity.


Rightfully so,the actual suffering of Jesus was so much to be able to describe in words.In the garden of Gethsemane,where it all started.Full of emotional stress and agony.And seeing that the hour of reckoning had come.Jesus prayed the more sweating blood.Medically the condition is reffered to as hemarthidrosis a rare condition where under intense emotional stress tiny capillaries in the sweat glands break mixing blood with sweat as it drips out.

As it is recorded he was soon arrested after the betrayal kiss.This  was followed by mockery,sleepless nights,being severally slapped and even being spat on in the hands of the authorities during the trials.

The scourgings by a heavy leather whip and with metal balls at the ends  according to Roman traditions came next.So excruciating was the pain as the whip cut deeper and deeper into the skin that some victims lost blood enough and didn't even make it to the cross.It was compulsory that the accused is striped and tethered onto a pole in the process.

And the mockery continued after the beatings and for Jesus a crown of thorns was now apportioned him increasing the pain and  blood loss as a result.He later had to carry the cross all the way up even collapsing at one point.

 And at Golgotha it was all horror as the nails pierced through his wrist to  stamp him upon the beams.The legs one put upon the other were pierced through also.So excruciating must have been the encounter also as the body weight came heavy on the wounds.

Additionally to exhale suspended,with the neck hanging due to the fatigue and the pain combined was practically impossible. So every gasp of breath was a success story.There was the issue of a lot of thirst too.Sooner or later he gave up the ghost .The Romans pierced  his body and it gushed with water.It was horrific.

Later when his best  friend John the discple who was so close to be recorded lying on his bosom in his earthly days.Saw Jesus as the son of God in heavenly glory in the last book of the Bible.He gives account of his majestic form and how his voice now like that of rushing waters made him coil with fear.

And so it is that he become poor that we may be rich(in spirit),striped that we may be healed.All so that man may receive life everlasting. Who took not his heavenly glory to be something but lay it all down that he may purchase a people,mankind for God. Atoning for all our sins by his precious blood.That when our sins would have set us back,denying us fellowship with God. Jesus full of love come down for that very purpose and now we are sorted.

Then Jesus  Christ is the greatest of all the celebrated.He gave it all .Of all that have walked upon the earth none dedicated their entire life for mankind.Supersiding all pleasures,and laid it down back to back again for mankinds eternal course.

He sacrificed the most,paid the heaviest price and is thus the actual and ideal, ultimate celebrity of mannkind.(pens off)

Monday, 6 June 2016


It is said, if you are a deep person.Zealous ,passionate and enthusiastic. You have a vital prerequisite for what is takes to make most things click.

In Africa, this trait is very profound among people of Nigerian descent.Be they the Ibo ,Yoruba, the Hausa or any other factions.This guys come full throttle in all that they set their heart at.Nigerians are undisputably the most energetic and aggressive of Africans.

Right from the way they conversation.Be it the in their native languages or the pidgin English.Zeal is  very much on the surface.Hardly does a Nigerian quit on an argument.He will argue you to thirst ooh.Raising his voice when need be.Ulululating, and using all manner of expression to drive a point home.

Nigerians also happen to be very good in matters commerce.Citing the Dangotes to mention but a few.On the flip slide ,a select groupe will be found on the  rogue and fraudulent side.Like the famous "Yahoo boys" who from a remote location scammed the world of a kings ransom.Surfacing and vanishing online to share the spoil,and back to back.I bought a gadget from one and upto now I'm yet to figure out exactly why it doesn't work.

When they set their heart on film.My broda ooh.That's why we only have  hollywood,bollywood and who disputes nollywood as the most sought after.

On matters religion,Chiiiineeeeeke.Winners chapel Lagos branch had the biggest congregation in a single sitting worldwide last time I checked. And,with branches spilling over  Africa ,UK,USA and world over.

I recently watched a match against Bayelsea queens and Sunshine queens. And, during post match penalties ,the players and technical bench members immediately turned into prayers.They held hands and knelt.Petitioning for good tidings. I bet this happens only in Nigeria.

Their churches are also so well structured that some run football clubs.A good example is mfm football club which showcases in the national league.Religion is vital there. Nigerians are  great sportsmen too.

Based in the Muslim dominated west.Boko haram's atrocities are only mouth gaping.Like ,who does not know about 'bring back our girls now and alive 'campaign. The event a puzzle the planet is yet to unravel.Sometimes back there was MEND along the niger delta. Another outfit whose notoriety was  way way up.

And so on and so forth.Nigerians are the true representation of an African in his indigenous form. Pure,unadulterated by external ideologies,philosophies and altercations.Strength and zeal right in his genetic code.

Looking around, Nigeria seems to quite trendset for the rest of Africa.They appear to ambassador or link up for the rest of Africa.They will always be the first to set foot in territory new to the larger continent.Looking especially in the entertainment industry.So many of them also doing exploits in the diaspora as well in sports,business etc

There's so much positive  to copy paste from our Naija brodas.I mean, if you really are for something.Better nail your colours to the mast.Maybe in a different set up Nigerians can  be compared to Americans. The free, patriotic,sometimes abrasive,go getting world.A lot of parallelism being prevalent.

Arise oh compatriots.

Sunday, 29 May 2016


Characters through fictional can have a lot to offer if we  delve deeper into their  traits as assigned by the writer,artist or creator for that matter.Talk of okwonkwo,othello or monalisa by Da vinci only to mention a few.

In Kenya, animation gurus ,Fatboy animations.Have come up with the character Mbugua to spearhead advertisement of a communications product as the country makes great strides in telecommunications.

Mbugua per se was born and brought up in the central highlands of Kenya. Like most kids then, he probably had to bear amongst other challenges rugged terrain to and from school barefoot.We are however not told how far he went in pursuit of academics.

It stands out though that Mbugua had entrepreneurship in mind. Finishing school,he ventured into the city in search of a life.Here he partook various activities in hustle and bustle one of which was running a mutura business.Mutura often nicknamed "African sausage" is popular Kenya street cuisine comprising of small pieces of meats stuffed in part of cooked intestine and served with pepper and other assorted spices.

Today ,though,Mbugua is a reknown businessman thanks to his hard work.His investments are spread across industry,motor vehicle accessories and real estate. He also acts as a financial adviser to many upcoming entrepreneurs and has provided employment opportunities for many from his different enterprises.

During his free time, catch him at the popular Muthaiga golf club doing what he does best.And ,on sunday ,the big guy humming hymns in the pew behind ,might just be Mbugua ,a practicing Christian.

Mrs Janet Mbugua his wife has been by his side through it all.Seen him from zero to hero.She also stands out as the perfect cook with a taste for long flowing African dresses to match with her exemplary culinary skills.To add on to that, she runs a series of cafes around the city under her name.And where high speed internet accompanies the eatables.Ocassionaly ,she will join Mbugua for family tv time.Together they are blessed with two kids,Jane and Jeff.
Jane, the elder of the two,is reserved and like her mum seems to have a thing for good fashion.Jeff,schooled in one of the best schools in the country is more social joining daddy more often at the tables.
Only recently did he impress everyone with very good grades in the just completed national exams.

Like their dad who also loves watching soccer on tv,the two will enjoy something good showing on the screen.

The Mbugua's,indeed an interesting lot.
And sure ,next time you need a fast,reliable connection.Remember to remember.Faiba.

Friday, 15 April 2016


April 13th saw the graceful signing off of Kobe Bryant from a budding 20 year sporting career in a remarkable match against Utah jazz.So anticipated was the match with tickets going to as much as 700Usd for the backmost seats.It also enjoyed the audience of celebrities and many other key people.

Nike even came up with an emoji to help brand the day ,mamba day, a day in which retired sports gurus will be celebrated around the globe.The name must be in line with Kobe Bryant's nickname  'black mamba' rightfully so due to the precision with which he made shots.
In his inspiring documentary Kobe Bryant s muse ,the basketball icon very well highlights how he came to love the game watching his own dad play both in the NBA and overseas .He talks about him being the not so outspoken but drawn back guy.Who would sometimes uses the noise inside of him as a result of so not blending well with folks to his advantage to prove a point in this which he was talented in.
I quote 'hardly would anyoneone be better because they were not spending the same time as I did on matters game and even if they were,they had other things distracting them from higher concentration contrary to my case '.

And in the court he would nail it rising to the ocassion to pull stunts over and over again.With enthusiasm and passion he  balled and balled and balled again shining all the way to titles,championships and undisputable stardom.
So many lessons to learn from the legend even as he dismisses.Most important,as he put ,will be his endeavour to nurture upcoming talent  by imparting his experience.

All the best superstar.The zeal,instinct and skill with which you played is legacy so indeed.

Tuesday, 16 February 2016


As much as we are maybe yet to purge the eminent clutter in our establishments as a country.It is without doubt that Kenya stands very significant on  both the African and global platforms.

Behold we stand blessed with the sea port.By that very fact ,being the gateway to the entire great lakes region.What of major treaties signed on our soil ?What of our cordial hospitality ?Daadab and Ifo refugee camps are the biggest there is,home to five hundred thousand plus.

Talk of our great sportsmen, heritage, tourism docket,and the list is endless.
Our country is by all standards an epitome of sheer beauty and  spilling over goodwill.

Lets take it not for granted that we continue to enjoy playing homage to key and influential  people from all flanks.Many world leaders,entertainers,clergymen and top form sportsmen have flocked to our beautiful country especially in the recent past.

Let's choose to love and be proud of our great nation.Here comes the pope.


To ooze professionalism in whatsoever undertaking  you might find yourself in is in itself such a spectacular beauty to behold.It bespeaks inherent competence and passion and brings with it a sense of belonging to clients in an establishment in which such traits are espoused.

Acting all newbie  whenever something comes up can be interpreted as lack of competence in the field in which one should be authority.

 Other than beat round the bush over an issue.Advice the client or patron accordingly and in case of a shadow of doubt on your part you can always call in a supervisor.Don't forget to always be friendly and courteous in tone and mannerisms irregardless.

When handling the high end clientele and other persons of importance.Remember to be collected.Exubing the necessary respect but without going out of place as any attempt will be detected.Be cautious how you handle smalltalk if it comes up.However, smiling or slight giggles at cracked jokes is okay so long as you don't go over the edge.Be open and very friendly however.

On the issue of prevalent opportunities at your workplace.Direct canvassing will most usually  put off those in positions of influence. Find a subtle way of surfacing your special qualities  that  match the opportunity .Capitalise however on good interpersonal skills and the 
other nitty gritties of the workplace.

The results of this which will be cohesive working teams,satisfied clientele and fulfilling careers altogether.

Sunday, 18 October 2015


Improvement or growth of whatsoever form is a thing we should all look forward to and constantly.Even the planet we live in has become what it is  as a result of gradual improvement. Small beginnings and simple steps in progress are not to be despised.Great oaks from little acorns will grow,it is said.

A  case in point are the smartphones we use widely today.They are the product of what evolved man,if it is anything to go buy has improved from simpler tools like stone.Mark you,  most electronic components are basically sillicone,cassetirite.Stone.
Talk of internet and the flashback is the long voyages by earlier merchants toiling to  link up continents transacting merchandise.The great treks by caravan men, on horseback,on camel back and sailors by sea fall in the same context.And so on,and so forth.They were  the preamble of this connectivity technology we so much espouse.

Lets keep then adding positive values,skills and knowledge into our personas.Quoting socrates ' if i am wise it is because that i know that i know nothing ' 

Shun then the cormfort zone.Come out and about and learn. A new word,a new language,a new skill.Read a new journal,play a new game,meet a different person,travel to a new place.Up your profile.

Bit by bit improving ourselves. And no sooner than later, we are fueled and hence equiped to live wholistically And,very close if not at our precise predestinend potential.